Saturday, May 8, 2010

Add-In for Conversion from Number to Words in Rupees

Most Indian MS-Excel users are required to do this functionality to convert number into words. It may be in invoice, may be a cheque printing, may be voucher printing... List gets added. As in Excel there is no standard function for Indian region I was forced to look for different options. I found a way to create a new user defined function through VB codes and make it as an Add-In file. This can be enabled in all versions of MS-Excel. To make this happen follow the below procedure

1. Download Rupee function.xla into your desktop.
2. Copy rupee function.xla from your desktop.
3. Open excel and Goto Tools-> Add-Ins, click on browse then paste the "Rupee function.xla" in explore area.
4. Make sure check box is ticked in rupee function in Add-In popup and then press OK.Refer picture1.
5. Start converting number into words by formula "Num2Word( )" . Refer picture 2.

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

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